Study Tips - Prof. Usman Shaikh

Useful Study Tips from Prof. Usman Shaikh, Chemistry, Plato’s Planet

"Modern Chemistry with its far reaching generalization & hypothesis is a fine example of how far the human mind can go in exploring the unknown & beyond the limits of human senses" 
Be self-driven: Find out what drives you. You yourself are the best person to do that once you identify your drive.
Manage your time: Remember it is the quality of time spent and not the quantity of studies alone.
Always be curious to learn: It is rightly said that “Curiosity is the wick in the candle of learning".
Revise as much as you can: As the syllabus is vast, you need thorough revision that will help you remember each concept.
Taking mock tests regularly will help you identify your weak spots and optimise your study schedule and circumvent distractions.

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