• Students : 8
    • Duration : 1 hour
    • Levels : All Level
    • Lectures : 8
    • Assignments : Yes
    • Certificate : Yes
    • Course Fee : 249*



The general aim of this course is to stimulate a desire for better speech habits and for more effective public speaking. It also equips learners with information most essential to high standards of elocution and for intelligent growth in oral expressions. It also provides a frequent, high grade practice in speaking with confidence, in return building a sense of accomplishment in our learners.

Aims of the program:

  • Overcome stage fright
  • Develop self-mastery, ease and freedom on any platform
  • Improve stage presence and movement - to develop such qualities as strength, symmetry, harmony, and spontaneity
  • Tone-up vocalization - to develop better distinctness and richer tones to ensure conviction.

The desired objectives are achieved through meticulously planned dramatics, role-plays in the form of interviews, debates, group conversations borrowed from an array of subtopics, namely journalism and radio shows. Rigorous creative writing, elocution and extempore workshops also aid us tremendously in achieving our objectives for our learners.