Plato 2 Schools


Plato2Schools is an after school enrichment program focused to provide students from grade 4 to 8, a solid understanding of programming and engineering majorly through the use of the LEGO® Group’s educational robot kits and its supporting lesson plans.

Plato2Schools Philosophy

Plato2Schools’s philosophy is to tirelessly redefine and improve the after school experience for students through the teaching of STEM skills with robotics and programming. To offer parents a worthy enrichment program for their children, that both expands their students grasp and develops their sense of confidence in science, technology, engineering, and math; while learning soft skills of cooperation and team building that will serve them well in to the future and put them on the path to higher learning and success. All while having a great deal of fun.

The Goals and Objectives of Plato2Schools

  • To provide schools with a S.T.E.M. program that offers its students a superior path to success through rudimentary programming and engineering training.
  • To provide networking opportunities with higher education, businesses, and mentors.
  • To be a program where the students have fun, and feel a sense of achievement by mastering challenging tasks put forward.
  • To benefit its high school student staff with an educational mentor activity.